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Visit to Kassiopitra Monastery and Pontikonisi
One of the most beautiful monasteries and most important pilgrimages of the island of Corfu, is undoubtedly the simple and unpretentious monastery of the Most Holy Theotokos of Kassopitra, built on a verdant site in the Figareton of Kanoni. It is about 500 years old as its construction dates back to the year 1530.          
We have official historical reference for the monastery from the year 1706 onwards. In the year 1754 the property of the Church was transferred to the priest and notary Ioannis Kosmon or Kosman Filion, noble, whose family was registered in the LIBRO D 'ORO. His heir Anastasios Filios sold the church in the year 1820 to the Hieromonk Nikolaos Patrikios of Spyridon from Kefallinia. The half-brother of the last Elias, and his heir, in 1850 gave the temple to the pious hieromonk Gennadion (Mr. George) Vassilis of Athanasios, originating from the village of Kalarrita in Epirus in a "land of 20 years. Theoforos Geron Gennadios envisions the creation of a female Holy Monastery.      
In the year 1856 he acquires full ownership of the church, paying to the heirs of Elias Patrikiou the amount of 400 talents. He then builds the two-storey parish building, encircles the sanctuary, renovates the sanctuary, dedicates a silver icon and candle as well as a gilded relic, containing the relics of the Holy Martyrs and installs a three-member chapel. Death finds him calm and sanctified in 1859 at the age of just 54 years. He abandons the reputation of a holy Hieromonk and a virtuous man. The heir of Gennadi handed over the possession of the temple and its goods to Marian Mavrogianni, whose care was organized by the Monastery under the shareholders in its rights, the Monks of Eupraxia Zambira Abbot and brothers Athanasia and the Senate of Metallinos.In 1862 the coenobitic status of the Monastery developed              
At the end of the 19th century, the Monastery developed in a very special way and from every point of view. During the Occupation, Metropolitan Alexandros (Dimoglou) registers the Monastery as a "part of timeless" of the nearby and then prosperous Holy Monastery of Agios Theodoros Army and thus gains more than 50 years of life and protection. During these years, the virtuous nun Thekla Ambela retired to the Monastery until her exodus to God in 1985. In 1991, Metropolitan Timotheos (Trivizas) with "Praxin" re-recognized the Holy Monastery of the Most Holy Theotokos Kassoripetra and her in men. With the blessing of the current Metropolitan Nektarios (Dova), the Holy Monastery is headed by one of its brothers, Archimandrite Polycarpos Zervos, who with the blessing of the Archbishop of the island,with the good cooperation of the Abbot's Council and the support of the pious Corfiots and other pilgrims, he supervises the works of fixing, maintenance and renovation of the whole sanctuary.             
In this sacred refuge of the beautiful island of Corfu we can worship the miraculous icon of Panagia Kassopitra as well as the rest of the sacred image and the innumerable holy relics are kept here.  
The Vlacherna monastery is one of the emblematic places on Corfu. The monastery occupies a small islet
which is connected to mainland. The monastery is the only building on the tiny islaet and it dates back to 17th century. From here by boat you can reach  Pontikonisi the trademark of Corfu. It is located at the entrance of the ancient Ylaikos port, in today's Halikiopoulou lagoon and is less than half a mile from the mainland of Corfu.
The island is overgrown with tall cypress trees. The Byzantine chapel of the Pantocrator, dedicated to the Transfiguration of Jesus, was built in 1535. Even today, memorial plaques are kept in the chapel, from the frequent visits of Empress Elizabeth of Austria and Archduke Rodolfo.

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